CRJ - 200 "Stateside Air"

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wombat457 First Officer

Hi Guys,

This is one more CRJ - 200, "Stateside Air", but I dont think she is as nice looking as the National Air though 😞 I suppose it personal opinion when alls said and done though 🙂

Enjoy her and thankyou for veiwing my paints 🙂

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violentviolet First Officer

I like the flowing lines, and general layout.Nicely done. 👍

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Welshflyer Captain

Great repaint Wombat457,but i'd like to see the matt green a bit more shiney(my own opinion though i like shiney things 😀 )!

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wombat457 First Officer

Hi Welshflyer -

Unfortuamatley the lack of shine is attributable to my lousy screenshots and not so much the plane 🙂 But your point is a good one and I will have to look at increasing the "shine factor" a nudge or two 🙂

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