Why do i never get to land on ILS runways?


I am mastering flying the Boeing 737 800, however when coming to land at any airport with ILS and no ILS runways i am told to goto a non ILS runway to land even though theres an ILS runway straight ahead of me to land. I do use the flight planner, using IFR routes etc.

The ATC tells me to land visually on a visual runway. I tried to change runways but it would not give me any additional runways to land the list would be empty. Getting really annoyed i decided to see what happens if i put the weather theme to storms, and sure enough i click on ATC and ask for a runway i can now select other runways inc the ILS runway. WTF?? It was a overcast day as it was when trying to land.

What is going wrong here. It used to work fine but now its gone tits up.

Do i need to reinstall the game again?

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OK - so you said you build your flight plan using the tool and choose the IFR, but when you start, do you call and file (open) your IFR flight plan? If not, the game may think you are flying VFR. Next time when you start in the cockpit, select Request IFR Clearance in the ATC window. See if that helps.


Everything is now sorted, it had something to do with the aircraft.cfg for the B737. I tested by flying an airbus the same route and the ATC assigned me ILS runways regardless of weather, tried the B737 straight after and i got visual runways.

After looking over the aircraft.cfg file for the B737 and sorting out any descrepencies(SP), i managed to fly the same route but now have ILS available to me via ATC.

Well happy now.

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