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Hello, was simulating a flight from CDG to Nice airport, but when trying to do an ILS landing... ❓ ❓ The ILS feathers do not align with the runway, and consequently on a coupled approach, it appears that I was being guided to the right of runway 4R.. so I had too turn off AP and hand-fly...

Does this happen in real life, I mean ILS feathers not aligning with the runways? Or would it have corrected itself when I got nearer to land...

Or is a glitch with FS2004, I have not noticed this misalignmnet anywhere else....

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I don't know much about real life but in FS it is NOT a glitch. There is an official aviation term for it but I can't think of it ATM.

Wait a minute, if there is 'an official aviation term for it' then it must also exist in real life 🤔

Anyhow, I remember encountering a few in Norway.. oh yes, the next time you see one, check your airport information and you'll find a reference to it. I think it's got the word 'offset' in it. I'm serious.

Someone will explain it better I'm sure. (Haven't been to Nice for a while - outstanding debts in the casino) 😀

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I will check it out! Thanks for the Info!!! 🙂

So I assume in bad weather, it cant be used in IFR only conditions. Thats quite a strange one, IMO. 😕

How would it be useful to get aligned on a path which isnt headed for the runway you want to land on. lol.

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It's not a matter of good or bad weather, the issue is the surrounding terrain. So you're likely to encounter it in mountainous areas or... from memory Hong Kong's Kai Tak had an offset localizer. I've flown into Kai Tak as a passenger but have no idea whether the localizer was offset because of the surrounding mountains or the tall buildings the pilot had to negotiate in order to make it to the runway. 😎

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I cant see anything in the learning center, is there a set procedure for landing with off-set ILS?

Any ideas anyone, or is it literally a case of turning off AP and hand-fly over to the Runway....

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Check this out:


He gives you an exercise if you can get your head around it. 😀

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Thanks!!! I will look into it!!!!!! An interesting can of worms I opened for myself. 😳 😀

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Roger that -- it is an indication that you're human Hack


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