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rather simple question but.....
ive checked everywhere on the internet, and all the sources say CFS3 is dual monitor compatible, if it is, then how the heck do u activate it? or do you have to download a program?

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See if this helps.

Try some of these links:


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I use 2 monitors but not to get a larger view. What I like to do is split views. I’ll bring up a cockpit view in FSX then move the instruments to my LCD and have the outside views or any other view on a Projector. I start with the projector set as my primary screen (1) and the LCD screen (2). This way I don’t have to change views to look at my instruments or anything else I have on the 2nd screen. It works very well! I found the Projector at a yard sale and just had to replaced the lamp. Very nice find and I didn't know what I was going to do with it when I picked it up.


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