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I have converted an OV-1 Mohawk cockpit into a simulator using FSX. Everything works great. There are two screens; one is a standard SIM screen box with a large Fresnel lens for the outside view and the other is a glass cockpit LCD set into the instrument panel (to display the instruments). My only problem is that every time that I start up the system I have to re-create the screen view setup. There must be some way to save these settings as part of the default flight. Does anyone know how to do this or do I have to write code. I will give anyone with a solution a free museum pass and a ride in the simulator.

Richard C. Grosser
Palm Springs Air Museum

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I run FSX on 2 DVI LCDs driven by a 8800GTX vid card under winXp.

FSX uses winXp multiple monitor feature, which means the Nvida vid card has to recognize seperate monitors ie; [1] and [2]. I've defined the [2] monitor as a horizontal extension of [1].
Then with in FSX I open additional view windows such as other views, radio stack, etc. Grab the additional window and mouse it over to the extension window.
If I save the setup and exit FSX the same views are on monitor [2] the next time I start FSX and load that mission.

Tell us a little more about your system setup and how you are using it, particulary the operating system and how you have definded your second monitor (the glass cockpit LCD).

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I don't know if this will help or not.


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