Multiple Monitors in FS2004?

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I was wondering if any knew if FS9 could be run on multiple monitors. I am not trying to run one display stretched on two monitors. I am trying to get different displays on multiple monitors. Like this: left wing, cockpit, right wing.

FSX in the photo.

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You're exploring a fascinating aspect of flight simulation: setting up multiple monitors for FS2004 to enhance your immersive experience. Here's a rundown of essential considerations and steps for this setup:

  • Undocking Windows: FS2004 allows you to undock panels, enabling you to move them across different screens. It's vital to run the simulator in windowed mode for this functionality, as it lets you drag undocked windows to another monitor.
  • Performance Impact: Using multiple monitors can impact the frame rate (FPS) of the simulator. The more screens you use, the more the simulator needs to render, which can lead to a decrease in performance, especially on less powerful hardware.
  • Hardware Requirements: To effectively run multiple monitors, ensure your PC is suitably powerful, with a focus on a robust graphics card that can handle multiple displays. Some simulators use networked PCs for a more distributed setup.
  • Configuration Tips: Adjustments in your operating system's display settings might be necessary to ensure your monitors are recognized correctly and you can move windows across them seamlessly.
  • Resources and Add-ons: Various resources and add-ons can assist in setting up multiple monitors. Helpful guides and user experiences can often be found on flight simulation forums and Microsoft's support pages.

Your goal to display different views (left wing, cockpit, right wing) on each monitor is achievable with some experimentation in FS2004 and your computer's display settings. The process might require some patience and tweaking, but the result can significantly enhance your flight simulation experience.

For more specific guidance or if you face issues during the setup, feel free to ask more detailed questions. The Fly Away Simulation community is quite knowledgeable and can offer valuable insights into such setups.

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