Repaint not working??????????

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vlad (tiger7881) First Officer

Hey, i downloaded new program Photoshop CS2 yesterday, and i thought it would be good program for re-painting my planes, yes i triedn to repaint my b737 but when i am playing in FS9, and choosing the aircraft i repainted, the game crashing to the desktop and thats it. I duno why its working like this, someone help !!!

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violentviolet First Officer

Sounds as though somethings gone wrong there,as i'm new to this painting stuff, i won't be much help, but i dare say there will be an expert along soon to rectify the problem. 😉


You need to open the bitmaps in DXTBMP and resave as extended bitmap 32-888 or if performance is an issue in DXT3 format

Make sure the include mips box is unchecked

If you don't then the paint will not show in FS or if it is done in CS2 then FS will crash to desktop.

Either way it needs to be resaved in DXTbmp

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vlad (tiger7881) First Officer

what is DXTbmp or where can i get it, or what the monkey is it??

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Tailhook Chief Captain

tiger7881 wrote:

what is DXTbmp or where can i get it, or what the monkey is it??

You'd better start reading some tutorials 😉

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vlad (tiger7881) First Officer

Tailhook, how can i ever thank you?? you are the best, thx.
Its finely working, and get ready guys, REPAINTS ARE COMING FROM TIGER! ! ! !

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