FSX repaint iron maiden

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jespere Trainee

this may be the 2004 repaint forum but does anyone have any Iron Maiden aircraft repaint? i would REALY be happy if there were any for FSX. if not, i would be realy happy if someone could repaint a plane to something like:

just need to stand Iron maiden with big letters 🙂
thanks, jespere

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Drew B (belgeode) Chief Captain

Looks like Eddie's back!

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jespere Trainee

eddie for the win ! 😀

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joeinsdca Trainee

I am looking for that one too. I saw it on youtube so I know it exisists. Anyone?

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mustangpilot Trainee

I have Bucks Fizz if you want?



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kbohme Trainee

I am actually working on that one at the moment.
I should have it done soon.

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