New computer - Will it be enough for FSX?

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roelli98 Trainee

I am thinking about getting this computer:

HP Pavilion Media Center TV m7795

Intel® Core™2 Duo Prozessor E6400 (2.13 Ghz)

Original Windows Vista™ Home Premium

Intel® Viiv™ Technologie

Intel® 945G Express Chipset

3 GB of Rame


640 GB (2 x 320 GB)

ATI RADEON X1650 SE, with Avivo

512 MB of Video-Ram

I am kind of worried about the 2.13 Ghz processor. Will this be enough to run FSX on high settings? If not, can someone recommend to me a highsettings-FSX-compatible computer that is buyable in Europe?

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Bugs Bunny Guest

look at the Dell H2C

the specs you put were for a dual core 2.13, so it's faster than a regular 2GHZ .... as for running fsx on the highest settings I'm not sure if there's a pc out there that can do this.... I think it's better if you wait till ati come out with their dx10 videocard coz I read somewhere that it's supposed to run better with dx10 and vista. If you want something fast try going for a quad core instead of the dual core ( offcourse if you want a high end pc then I guess you've got enough money for it 😛 ). You can always look at Alienware PCs too.

DME43 Guest

looks like a great PC! wish i had it! 2.13Ghz dual core processor is very good, so all in all you'll have 4.26Ghz onboard! 3GB of ram is also very good

you graphics card is ok and direct x 10 comes with vista

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Ryan (737FLIER) First Officer

Dell H2c is great but it is probably 4 times as much as that. Try another brand because I have only heard bad things about HP.

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BunnyMcguire Trainee

I have a hp and it has less than half of the stuff you have. I can put most of the settings on high and some on medium high. If you have something like that you should be fine. Yes

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roelli98 Trainee

Thanks everybody for your help!

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Craig (Sno0ze) Trainee

Hmm looks like a pretty good comp, but being honest I wouldn't buy another computer if I were you unless you go for a DX10 card. Cause DME, yes Vista has DX10, but unless your graphics card is capable of running it, it would have no effect and as far as I know, no ATi cards have the ability to do so as of yet. The only card I know of that can is the Nvidia 8800 series. Buying a comp at this point in time without getting the best stuff would be a financial mistake. People can't stay in the XP/DX9 mindset. It's changing and your gonna have to change with it.

Here's a comp I bought recently, and you'll be shocked at the price.

MSI P6N Nvidia nForce 680 based chipset
Intel Core 2 Duo E6700 2.6GHZ
2GB RAM (Being upgraded to 3)
2 x Nvidia 8800 DVI 768MB SLi Enabled
400GB Samsung Sata
Atrix 720Watt Silent Dual Fan
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy
Discovery X Case
Windows Vista Ultimate

That is the type of comp your really looking to buy. All for £1,800 including VAT, from Cougar Extreme. Shocking I know, if you had gone to Alienware or anywhere else it would have been double the price. If I were you I'de check them out -

Hope this helps.

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roelli98 Trainee

Wow this also seems like a good computer. All I'm worrying about now is the plug on the power supply needs to be a Swiss one and if the currency could be changed.



that's a nice computer.

how many monitors are you running?

you have to post a pix of your set up.


I would should like to see some of the rendering at MAX.

how about a flight video?

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Craig (Sno0ze) Trainee

Oh sure guys I'll see what I can do 😀

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