New User account no login after > 30 Hours?!?

Galban Guest

I have had created an account on your portal about 30 hours ago and its paid with paypal. I used "Galban" as my Nickname (so you may able to find out what my eMail adress is)
How long does it normaly last until I receive a mail with a confirmation link?
My eMail Adress is correct transmitted because I get an email from paypal and one from

What could be wrong? Please give me short help!

Thank you very much!

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Pro Member Trainee
Taylor Crockett (taylorc) Trainee

mines took 60 hours to get to me

Galban Guest

So I have to be more patient 😀

Pro Member Chief Captain
VegasFlyer Chief Captain

Galban wrote:

So I have to be more patient 😀

Yes sir very patient! 😉

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