New Website To Upload Screenshots

Sam@MAN Guest

Hello my name is Sam Hampson

VPA ( is a brand new website to upload all your flight simulator screenshots. On VPA there is very slack rules so it is very easy to get your screenshots on, we will only reject if your shot has FS writing in it or similar to another uploaded shot..

Please take time to look.

Regards Sam.

(Sorry if this topic isnt allowed, if so, feel free to delete. And my apologies)

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Pro Member Trainee
Taylor Crockett (taylorc) Trainee

nice fresh Website
easy Navigation
hardly any advertising

i would give it 8/10

could be a bit more exiting
loved the forum but basic

Sam@MAN Guest

Thanks for the feedback Taylor.

As i said the site is newly opened and still needs afew improvements here and there. Upload a few shots and see what you think of the upload/screening system 😎


Pro Member Trainee
Taylor Crockett (taylorc) Trainee

Registration is really nice
none of that stupid waiting for a confermation

im jst about to upload a pic

Sam@MAN Guest

How do you find it uploading Taylor?

Pro Member Trainee
Taylor Crockett (taylorc) Trainee

really easy
it wont be a frequent site for me but i will occasionally use it when i get a good snap

overall a really good site
well done

Sam@MAN Guest

Thanks for the feedback Taylor.

Other memebers please have a look/upload some screenshots and give us feedback 😎

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