Wilco Citation X FMC causes Crash

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Geoff (Geoffos) Trainee

Has anyone here got the Wilco Citation X, had problems with it crashing FSX when trying to load the FS FLight Plan, but managed to get around the problems?

I've tried everything I've read on other forums, but not been able to sort it out. 😞

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


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Ben. Guest

Happens sometimes for me too. I try to load quickly the flight plan and then it seems to work, I don't start from cold/dark so it's the first thing I do. If you wait to long time, it make a ctd I think.


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Geoff (Geoffos) Trainee

Thanks for the reply Ben, I'll give that another try, but I'm sure I've already tried that.

I see that a lot of people appear to have that problem "sometimes", but for me it's "all the time!!"

I'm waiting for the developers to come back from holiday and perhaps be able to help me with it. I reinstalled fsx last week and tried again and it worked perfectly for 3 or 4 times, but since then it is not working at all and I crash out every time. I've had to totally abandon that plane for the time being as it's no fun trying to fly without the FMC setup.

the worrying thing for me, is that this bug, despite being mentioned by many people, is not even mentioned on Wilco or FeelThere's sites as being a known bug. They have a "solution" posted on Wilco's site, but it only pertains to FS2004 version.

darko886 Guest

I GET THE EXACT SAME PROBLEM!!! I get it all the time aswell... I have never had it work 😞.... Does anyone know where there is a tutorial on how to enter a plan without loading it?


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Ryan (737FLIER) First Officer

There was another post a few months ago about this and you are not alone, htere a alot of people that have that problem.

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Geoff (Geoffos) Trainee

There is now a Service Pack available for the Citation X that seems to fix the CTD when loading the Flightplan, however, I have noticed a few other problems now with starting the engines sometimes.

I've put the Citation on hold for a bit now, whilst I go through the missions. Hopefully, a few more bugs will be ironed out so that the next time I download the updated Citation, the probs may have been sorted.

Bernardo Lopez Guest

problems haven't been ironed out; ow 2016! Still get CTD when changing planes or simply flying it.
No SP has comeout to fix the FA animation which seems to be stuck, Unlike Legacy.FMC accepts data, but occasional CTD, Landing and Taxi lights have a strange graphic quality.All in all a dissapointement unless only used for basic flying.

Bernardo 😞

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