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can anybody tell me where to get help with this va entrance exam if you know any of the answers here are the questions

8. You are on final approach to runway 26, whose magnetic heading is 264. The correct OBS setting should be...



10. You are flying on a heading of 120, tracking the 300 radial of a certain VOR. Your NAV display reads 'TO' ,your OBS is set to 120, you are generally...


northwest of the VOR
south of the VOR
east of the VOR
southeast of the VOR

13. You do not know your current heading, but you are tuned in to an NDB and your ADF needle is pointing straight up. Therefore you must be ...


due south of the NDB
due north of the NDB
due west of the NDB
you cannot determine which direction you are from the NDB

19. ICAO codes for VORs are generally identified with...


2 letter codes
3 letter codes
4 letter codes
5 letter codes

25. You are flying IFR from New York to Las Vegas. Which of the following is NOT a proper ICAO flight level for your flight



36. Which type of approach and landing is recommended during gusty wind conditions?


A power-off approach and power-on landing.
A power-on approach and power-on landing.
A power-on approach and power-off landing.

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Here is my stab in the dark.

Q1/8= 264

Q2/10= n/west

Q3/13= due South

Q4/19= 4

Q5/25= 300

Q6/36= power on approach/power on landing

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I think that VOR's are more commonly identified with a 3 letter morse Code. Usually the IDENT sounds looping every 10 seconds or so.

For example the following Abbeville VOR on 116.6 will be identified by the morse code ABB ( • − −••• −••• )

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JLangevin First Officer

If you really want to join a Virtual Airline and enjoy it (and not look like a utter retard) you might want to research and learn these items FOR YOURSELF!!! Having someone give you the answers is a "Lazy Slackers" way out.

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faust1200 First Officer

Regarding the question about gusty wind conditions, I am a former CFII/MEI and former airline pilot and I have never heard or used the terms power-off approach/power-off-on landing. (Unless you have an engine failure or something) If you are flying an approach without power I hope you are in a glider! In gusty winds you should generally take the windshear/gust component and add that to your airspeed. Example winds are 20 kts gusting to 30 add 10 kias to your final approach speed.

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Jim (jellrod) First Officer

I agree with JLangevin, if you are gong to fly with a VA, you should know the ropes. How would you feel if the next time you flew "for real" and your pilot had "faked" his exam?

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Ryan (737FLIER) First Officer

25 is 33,000. You fly at and even altitude east ot west or vise versa.

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Jim (jellrod) First Officer

I always used the mnemonic SWEVEN - South and West is even.

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