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Stairs and baggage carts help


How do you summon the stairs and baggage carts to your plane?

Pro Member First Officer
anonymouse91 First Officer

1) Park on the line
2) Turn off engines (don't know whether this is a required step)
3) Open doors (push Shift and E for the main doors, then Shift E and 2 and so on for the cargo doors...etc)

The vehicles should just come then. Also, make sure your scenery and animation settings are quite high (maybe traffic too)


I can gt the main exit open but not the other doors. When I press the numbers with those keys all I getis menus. Fear

Pro Member First Officer
anonymouse91 First Officer

Try pushing Shift and E together, let go, then quickly push 2

Pro Member First Officer
JLangevin First Officer

Do a search next time, this question is very old and we are sick of seeing people post this.

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guest Guest

I have a problem too that i have scenary high and traffic max detail max but for some reason i cant get my cargo doors open but only my main door. I parked and got fuel and jetways work its i cant get food trucks or luggage carts. i dont use joystick I prefer mouse and keyboard for me.

i hope some one can figure this out because im frusrated right now


guest Guest

I have tryd to press shift+e+1 or2 but it says opening main exit with a green slip above

Pro Member Trainee
kennwaskiewicz Trainee

ok u press shift then e so u hold for how long idc but get ready to press 1+2 right after u press shift e but it might not work if its an add on

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