Spot view trouble, help please

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Hi all,

I'm still having trouble with spot view. Sometimes it zoomes in so far it's making the plane look silly and the view is un-flyable.
I made a screenie so you can see for yourself, this is made after zooming out as far as it would go.

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Tom (cthiggin) First Officer

I had this problem about a month ago - FROM MEMORY, his either "w" or "a" and it will toggle back to your normal mode - and you are correct - it looks silly - you should see it at a large airport gate if you want to see "silly" - Hope this helps.
cthiggin 😂

NSX Guest

Tried it, no succes. The "A" switches views, and "W" doesn't do anything.
But thanks for trying!
Cheers, NSX

NSX Guest

Sorry for double posting but......I FOUND A FIX FOR THIS 😀 😀 😀

It's actually quite simpel. When this nasty bug shows just do this.
Hold CTRL and press(&hold) + You'll see the camera point getting further and further away. Just keep doing this until your at normal distance for 0.30 zoom and voila: fixed 😎

Cheers, NSX

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Tom (cthiggin) First Officer

I remember now that "you" found it - It's definately the camera view point. Thanks for "refreshing" my aging memory -

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