Chase View while in cockpit

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File Description:
Chase View - Panel Icon addon. This icon addition to your panel will bring up a small "Spot/Chase View" window while you are still in Cockpit view. All normal Spot View commands such as changing the view will be shown in this window while you are still in the cockpit! Great for parking and push-back situations and for verifying that your landing gear is down etc. etc.. The gauge is provided by Barry Blaisdell of Premier Aircraft Design. He has kindly granted permission for it to be included in this package which has been compiled by David "Opa" Marshall. A setup for the default b737-400 Panel is included. Just unzip to a temporary directory (using folders option) and follow the simple instructions.

License: Freeware
Added: 25th November 2004
Downloads: 1988
Author: David Marshall - Barry Blaisdell
Size: 826kb

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Good find IKW. 😉

Although FS has a familiar option.If you press CTRL+W or CTRL+Q you will get the same small window which you can change views with the same way you change them if you Press S or if you use F1View.

If you press CTRL+W again and again it will show you all the crafts are flying around or taxiing,parking etc in close airports.If you like to see another craft in full screen you Press CTRL+Q.If you want to turn back to your cockpit view you press CTRL+Q.

If you are in external view of your craft by CTRL+W you rolling to all close crafts in full screen.To get back to yours just press S and you return in cockpit view.

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