How to Ban or Eject Players from FSX Multiplayer Host

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How do you ban or eject as it is put, players from a host session because I keep getting people messing about on my session and I am warning them that they will be ejected but they carry on and I dont know how to eject them! Will somebody please tell me how! There doesn't seem to be any icon or anything to let you know.

Thanks in advance! PLEASE!

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You can deffinately kick if you have SP1

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what is SP1? I didnt realise you needed programmes to simply kick someone from the game that you are hosting?


And with SP1, how Can I kick someone?

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SP 1 is the new service pack for FSX. If you download and install it, just like a windows update, you can right click on a players name is the chat box and choose kick player.

Now my question.....

Does anyone know how I can ban players from Multi-Player?

Also does anyone know how I can exit to the briefing room, as the host, without ending the server session?



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If you don't want certain individuals playing on your server then make your flight password protect so that only ones that you invite will be able to fly with you.

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