FS9 / FSX Anti Aliasing Problems SOLVED!

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FS9 / FSX Anti Aliasing Problems no longer.

Are you getting problems with jaggeredy edges in FSX or FS9 with a Nvidia Graphics Crad? If so read on.

1) Uninstall old graphics card driver (Control Panel -> Add / Remove Hardware -> "Nvidia Drivers".

2) Restart PC.

3) Inset the "Driver Disk" that came with your Nvidia Graphics Card.

4) Install the driver.

5) Restart PC.

6) Download latest drievers from Nvidia website.

7) Install the driver you just downloaded (Do NOT uninstall the driver you just installed from your Nvidia Disk)

😎 Restart PC

9 )Once you're logged back on go to your system try where the Clcok is.. Follow the screenshots.

Now, you should get smooth edges.

I have used this to solve my problem on the 8800 GTX - I Assume that this will work on all Nvidia Cads.

Any questions/ problems then please contact me.

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Very well explained and composed. Thanks for sharing Dannyboy!

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