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Configs from "successful tweaking of SP1"

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Hello fellow simmers,
After many of your great replies on my two previous posts on "shimmers & blurries", mine has settled down pretty good.

Like a lot of you folks, the "tweaking" is fairly new for me in FSX and especially SP1 - I've read "Phil's Posts" at his site, many good tips from RadarMan, and ALL of the others that have helped us/ me so - BUT - at this point, I have "tweaked so much", lost my notes, "forgot what I had done" - ex. let mip bias be controlled by my Nvidia - oh no, put mipbias=6 in the fsx.cfg file - WELL , in any event - I just flew around tonight and really enjoyed it without the shimmers & blurries - fps's were pretty good with sliders on med. to med high - (Yes, I know better is yet to come with DX10 updates for my Vista, and other tweaks from Nvidia )

WHAT am I rambling on about.

I would like to see posted CONFIGURATIONS of FSX.cfg & Nvidia Control Panel of "successful TWEAKERS of SP1 and Nvidia 8800GTS to see if "I" am even close. I know, since mine is somewhat better, should leave well enough alone - BUT, if so, then we wouldn't need forums would we?

Could/would you "happy", "successful tweakers" of SP1, no blurries/shimmers/decent frame rates let us old newbies see what you have done so we can at least see if our config.sys is even of this earth.

All of you folks are great with help, thoughtful questions and replies.

Thanks so much in advance.


Athlon 3800 Single Core / 3 gig fast Ram / 8800 GTS - 640 Meg / 22" Wide-Screen Monitor.

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