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HI simmers. Just wondering if any of you can suggest some neat places to fly and what plane would be best. I just want to see the FSX World. For example, does the Niagara Falls exist? How does it look?
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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well for scenic places I suggest Princess Juiliana, St Martin, Honolulu, Kodiak if you like winter places.

If you just want some fun flights KATL-KSLC, KATL-KBQK, KATL-KDEN, KATL-KDFW, KDEN-KSCL, all are fun. KBQK is my hometown airport/yeah i like to fly out of there alot.


Seatle Tacoma-KLAX, San Diego-KJFK, Chicago- KFLL.

those are just among the many that I fly in FS

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