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I recently installed Acceleration and reset my fsx.cfg file. I'm interested in links that may provide suggested settings for the graphics within the program and perhaps some suggested setting for my Nvidia card using nHancer...
I remember a while back seeing a lot of useful info but forgot where it all is.
Thanks guys.
I have not used the software in a while.

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Found this web site several months ago.

Many add-on files for autogen and a complete listing of FSX tweaks that has really streamlined my system.They have answered all of my questions the same day. They also have suggested settings for the Nvidia & ATI cards. Also have tweaks for the .CFG file.

I know that everyone is always looking for great add-ons and additional aircraft. They have a new release of the Super Connie( for SP1/SP Acceleration). All of his freeware has a setup.exe file for installing-could not be easier!

You need to go take a look, sites like this one make the flight sim world exciting!


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