Checkrides...hard to take seriously!

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First of all, what about the "clanger" in the Private Pilot Checkride? The instructor woman says " you will see Tahoma Bridge airport on your left"... when in reality it is off to your right... and you have to awkwardly cross the left traffic pattern to make a left landing descent.??? At least you can pass that one though.

Now, how about the Intsrument Rating Checkride??? ....Stone the crows !@#$%.. To be honest I just can't correctly enter the holding pattern over SEA VOR. I'm sure i've done my homeword and entered it correctly -- a DIRECT entry (option C)..??

Has anybody got any hints.

Thanks Embarassed Crying or Very sad Evil or Very Mad Twisted Evil 🙄 😉

PS. Sorry, I meant to post this in the FSX forum -- but I think it is the same in fs9 anyway.

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Maybe this will help - I'm not sure:

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Thank you antone. That link is very interesting. Yep - spin the OBS early before the "proceed direct" instruction - helpful!

But after reading the link I am now more confused about the direction of the Hold. It would seem clear to me (according to the flight criteria printout) that I would be heading 140 on the inbound - and heading 320 on the outbound, ---- but after reading Bob's notes, you would think you are 320 inbound, and 140 outbound? - and therefore entering parallel?

What's the story? (It might be different in FSX though)
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OK,.. I had better fess up.

In the FSX version the {setting the OSB} bug has been fixed in the Instrument Checkride. The problem was with me - not registering that the "140 radial" actually means 320 inbound and 140 outbound when you're talking about holding patterns.
Hallelujah! I have at least conquered the holding pattern, but there is still the ILS approach to go, before I have mastered the checkride.

Undertaking the checkrides is only for the rabidly detirmined. It really tests your patience. I have limited myself to only two attempts per day - otherwise I would go mad Mad

Edit Correction: NO, the OBS bug IS NOT fixed in FSX.

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