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I've just reinstalled FS9 on my new PC and have been trying to configure it for best scenery views for a couple of days now but still get a blurring of textures. My old system ran like a dream
2800 processor
60GB Hard Drive
6800 LE Nvidia Graphics 128MB
My new one runs much better and the aircraft look amazing but i'm getting a blurring of textures which never used to happen on my old system. My new one is
3200 processor
160GB Hard Drive
7600 GT Nvidia 3D Graphics 256MB
I can set everything to max and it runs sweet as a nut but with this texture blurring at a certain distance.
Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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Don't spoil me with all these replies now! 😀

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Welshflyer wrote:

Don't spoil me with all these replies now! 😀


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