Please show me how to convert Flight Video file to ....

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I can see Flight record in FSX only . I want to convert Flight video file to multimedia player file ( ex: avi,wmv,mp4) . In addition , I want to play Flight video file without FSX . Would you please show me ?

Sincerely !

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mdaskalos First Officer - a biotech/molecular imaging site. Good. - digital video capture sales website. Verrryyy good., anyone?


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Yes Fraps is very good, unfortunately ever since I installed Vista Fraps does Not record sound anymore on my machine. Sound card by Analog Devices
SoundMax driver is up to date but no sound when playback recording with Fraps?!!!...Anybody have that problem?.......what if I changed sound card? Can anyone recommend a good sound card that will work with Vista and Fraps?
My specs are as follows
Dell Dimension 8400
Board Dell 0j3492
Intel Pentium 4 processor 3.0GHz
3 GB of Ram
Nvidia Geforce 8800GTS
SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio

Can I even change the audio card since it is integrated??? as you can probably figure I’m not too tech savvy.

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Heres the fix, now listen closely, (If a problem arises and a visual how to is required and the demand for it is high enough, i CAN post screenshots on how to do this)

Go into your control panel under vista, and by default, vista will show a although user friendly, a much to simplified version of the control panel, up on the left hand side there should be an option for "Classic View" Select this:

Now in the classic view of the control panel, open up "SOUND"

Click on the RECORDING Tab

Now usually you'll only have one, maybe 2 things in this list, heres what you do,

Right click anywhere in the white area of this list

A sub menu should appear

Click on "Show Disabled Devices"

Now the list should grow and allow you to select "What you hear" or "Stereo Mix" or similare option. You must select the disabled "What you hear" or "Stereo Mix" and right click on it to select "Enable"

If a device isn't listed yet, another sub menu option MAY be available for "Show hidden devices", hopefully this will give you all the rest of the options.

Now to get fraps to use this audio device, you must select the "What you hear" or "stereo Mix" and right click to set it as "default"

From there you should have no problems exiting fraps and restarting it to get the correct audio device.

NOTE: IT IS recommended that you LEAVE the recording "what you hear" or "stereo mix" volume slider at it's default, first record something and then adjust it as you see fit.

This fix screwed up my microphone or other recording devices!?

Wait, while this may ring true, most applications allow you to set which recoding device you want to use, by default they usually select the default on, however you should be able to select the previous ones within vista EVEN if they are on the same audio device (vista is handy this way ) If you can't get that to work, you can always go back and set the previous default recording device to default again.

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JLangevin, Thank you very much, I‘m ever so grateful it worked on Stereo Mix . I had tried the other option before but it didn’t work on them...I’m surprised why it should work on Stereo Mix and not on Line- In ?!!! Thanks again.

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Line-In is not what the computer is hearing... its kinda complicated, but you always want Stereo-Mix (for most onboard sound) or What You Hear for Sound Cards.

Line-In would be like hooking a stereo or Ipod etc to your system.

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Hmmm...thats interesting, didn't know that either! have been a good computer instructor for me today thanks again 😀


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