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Confused how come when i fly to high altitudes in my airbus 319, my overspeed needle drops?
like from 370 knots down to 240 at over 40,000 ft????? Confused

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Kurt Stevens (KurtPStevens) First Officer

Lower air density. The average density of dry air is about 1.225 kg/m at mean sea level, decreasing with altitude.

True Air Speed(in kt) = Indicated Airs Speed(in kt) + FL/2

So is you are cruising at FL400 and indicating 240kts, your true airspeed is 440kts.

Check out

40,000ft Guest

thanks, thats informative! i saved a copy of that ta study a little later.
i didn't know that, gonna hafta bring up the calculator ta help me with some figures to. Laughing

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