MD11, problemos

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😞 how come my MD11, willnot fly over , or barely reach 28,000 ft????????
i hafta droop flaps, full throttle evev dumped fuel, ect, and she won't do it?
i read specs for the md11 and it says that she should reach well over 40,000 ft max. alt.?????
and after i come out of altitude i find that my N2 (maybe it was N1)
has frozen at red line.
i had all pitot , anti ice and heat stuff on,???
its not so pleasent when you come out of alt. and yer speed is stuck on max.
i had to do wild circuits around kennedy, and was lining up the runway, while droping altitude in stages.
i was going to kill the turbines and dead stick it in.
but after the last time i got brave to do the freakin thing unfroze, and i had throttle control again. so i did another go around and landed saftly.
what can i do so this don't hap. again, cuzz i kinda like ta fly a md11.
at at my planed altitude i was givin at 37,000 ft???????
thank you 😕

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