Instrument Rating Checkride Hints/Tips

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At last I have completed the Instrument Chechride. Feel somewhat de-humanized by the whole experience.

Hints and Tips
1) Use the pause button often
2) Employ heaps of patience, and only attempt 1 or 2 times a day.
3) Although you are told you have +/- 100 ft alt tolerance - rubbish - you only have +/- 60 ft alt tolerance.
4) After passing PARKK, you climb and turn left to 160, - spin the OBS to approx 150 WHEN YOU ARE HALF WAY THROUGH YOUR TURN.
5) Enter the holding pattern using parallel entry, and 140 radial means 320 INBOUND an 140 OUTBOUND.
6) When you cross NOLLA, don't procrastinate your turn to 265 - you should be no further than 8.4 Nm on your DME.
7) In the 265 heading, keep your wings nice and level - within +/- 4 degrees.

These hints and tips I gathered by searching around on this website, so thanks everybody who contributed. Bow Down

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