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What exactly is a dual core proccesor?

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Hi guys,
I know quite a lot about computers (it is neccesarry to know your CPU inside out if you have FSX!!:IDEA🙂, but one thing I don't get is this talk about dual core proccesors. How do you know if your computer is dual core, and what does it do? Thanks for any help! 😀

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A Dual Core is 2 completely separate processors put onto 1 standard silicon chip.

One easy way to tell if yours is a Dual Core is by opening your task manager , dual cores will show 2 separate CPU monitors in the CPU usage tab.

AMD call most of their dual core processors "X2"

Intel call their the "Core 2 Duo"

Processor technology is moving fast at the moment with quad cores (4 on one chip) now being released.

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