How to Turn On Boeing TCAS???

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I'm trying to figure out how to turn on the Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) on a Wilco B777, but I suppose any newer Boeing (767, 757) will operate similarly.

The manual hardly mentions the existence of the system. The feelthere forum makes one metion of it, saying "press the middle, far right button on the radio panel". Well there is no panel in the menus identified as "radio panel", but I pulled up the pedestal panel, where the NAV/COMM radio stuff is, but the button help suggests nothing in relation to the TCAS.

I found a place called that details the functions of the B777 panel, and suggested to press in the center button of the ND range selector switch. When I do this, the ND changes, and some info pops up at the lower left to indicate the TCAS is on, butthe info in the EICAS(?) still says TCAS OFF. 😞

Well, to make a long sotry long, while I was flying from KDCA to KJFK, I was trying to fiddle with the buttons on the NAV/COMM section to see what I could do about it, and not paying much attention to my flying. I got into an overspeed condition, and put o nthe spoilers, so now I'm seeing OVERSPEED and CONFIG SPOILER on the EICAS, but no TCAS OFF. Well, after I slow down and get the spoilers put away, TCAS OFF show up again, but it takes awhile. So go and jack around with it like a madman, and have to leave it alone to save the plane again, and this time, I have contacts on the TCAS! 😕

How did I do that? Is the TCAS a "passive" system that will say "TCAS OFF" if there are no contacts, even when it is enabled?

Anyone knowledgable about virtual Boeing operations is invited to reply.


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Now, this answer is going to be a bit vague because I'm at work and trying to describe something I did a few weeks ago, but with the Wilco Citation and NOT the 767, but it might be the same 🙂

On the Citation, you open the Pedestal panel and it shows the radio frequencies for comms and navigation. There is a column of 6 buttons to the left of the frequencies, the 3rd one down activates the TCAS.

Here is a link to the Citation X manual ...

Go to page 16 where it explains how to switch on the TCAS.

Hope this helps.


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Well, actaully, I found my answer over the weekend.

I found a website

that covers the panel of the Boeing 777. I clicked around on it until I found a small subpanel in the area of the radios/transponders stuff that made mention of the TCAS. I went to the Wilco 777 to the same spot on the panel. I saw that the subpanel was a little different, but the major switch still had the same functions.

So now, I'm good to go, but I'm glad you took the trouble to respond.


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You're welcome 🙂


The TCAS selector switch is to the right of the transponder indicator andshould beset to TA/TR or far right.

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