Another Repaint Request... Cessna 182 Green

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Ok. I have been trying to find out how to do repaints myself but not having much success yet. (I will keep searching though).

Is there anyone out there who knows how who would be willing to do a little repainting for me.

The idea is based on the all green paint scheme of the default cessna 182. Except I need MORE green... need it more vibrant... need to get rid of some of that white space (not completely but a lot of it.) I like the concept of dark green at the bottom going to light green or white... I just do not like the colors of the default... there has to be better greens out there.

I have an idea what I am looking for but it is hard to show you all the concept since I can't quite draw on this post here.

So use your artistic license... something a guy would like that depicts my tropical heritage (Jamaican born) without looking like camoflauge or something too outrageous.

All green... different shades preferred.... with some white or light green so the tail number will still show through. (My "official" tail number is N77AGB)

And one last request.... on the tail itself.... both sides... the logo for the world famous Pittsburgh Steelers (I live in Pittsburgh). It can probably fit on the rudder... or half on the rudder half on the tail.

I wanna see what jpegs you got... and if I like I will gladly pay up to 20 dollars US via paypal for my personalized plane.

And this is going out on a limb... if you can make the pilot a black dude and bald headed with shades... even better lol.

Worst case scenario, please direct me to the programs I can use to do it myself.

Thanks in advance

"Bel Geode"

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Drew B (belgeode) Chief Captain

Update... I got FSrepaint... and I am tinkering with it... only problem... I do not have photoreal textures like the defaults... how or where can I find this?

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