LOMAC not working with Vista

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Rogerpaolo Trainee

This doesnt seem to work. I even had problems running it on XP sp2.

Is it possible to run Lomac on Vista, and if so, how?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Try right clicking on the desktop icon for it, choose properties/configuration and take it from there.
That's the way to run old programs in a new OS.


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Rogerpaolo Trainee

tried running the sim in '98 mode, and XP sp2 mode. In both modes the game crashes when loading. That is: the game loads, but when you click 'fly' the session loads almost until the moment where the bar in the bottom reaches the end, then all crashes to desktop.

By the way, I am running Vista on a Quad 2,66 MacPro, it could be that there are some compatibility issues.

But FSX runs like a charm......

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Fly Away Simulation (Flyaway) Site Admin

Are you running virtual PC under OS X or BootCamp?

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Rogerpaolo Trainee

I run Visa on Bootcamp. All my other programs (FSX, Falcon 4, FS9) run like a charm.. just LOMAC harassing me.

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