airspeed indicator malfunction

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Hi there,

There seems to be a problem in the FSX when you fly in the weather mode-"heavy snows". After you take off and reach the cruise altitude, the
airspeed indicator on the primary flight display stops functioning and is back at 000. And u really dont know at what speed you're flying! It never comes back even during the approach. This also happens to the backup speed indicator.

Anybody knows why this happens exactly. Other weather modes are just perfect.


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have you got your anti ice switched on? 🙂

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freedspeak First Officer

Turn on the pitot tube heat.

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abmukh80 First Officer

my anti ice option is on. but no clue about the pilot heat. where do i find it in the 747?

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abmukh80 wrote:

my anti ice option is on. but no clue about the pilot heat. where do i find it in the 747?

That switch includes the pitot heat. My flight testings with moderate ice shows that it will take about 2-3 minutes before airspeed returns to normal.

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I faced the exact same problem in snowy conditions even thought I had the anti-ice on. Then I tried the keyboard short cut for pitot heat (shift + H) and left the engine on for around 3 minutes before take off. This seemed to work for me. Do let me know if this works for you too.

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OLD post but on topic. My VA has the Boeing 717-200 by Jet City. It is for FSX and in the ircraft config files there are FSX Camera definitions.
It works in FS9 which is wht I fly. I flew out of KMSP a few hours ago0Cold Windy Snowing. Had Anti-Ice switch turned on hit the throttles and noticed no airspeed showing, So I hit "SHIFT+H" NOTHING.
I eventually landed at KMCI using the GPS indicated speed, and more or less, full flaps and one throttle setting that I did not touch till I pulled power off over the numbers.

I have seen NOTHING anywhere till this post. So I thought I would ask if anyone has a fix for this?

From the Aircraft CFG file it only has this , but No switch visible anywhere.

max_battery_voltage = 24
generator_alternator_voltage = 28
max_generator_alternator_amps = 65
electric_always_available = 0
flap_motor = 0, 5, 17.0
gear_motor = 0, 5, 17.0
autopilot = 0, 5, 17.0
avionics_bus = 0, 10, 17.0
avionics = 1, 5, 17.0
pitot_heat = 0, 2, 17.0
additional_system = 0, 20, 17.0
marker_beacon = 1, 2, 17.0
gear_warning = 0, 2, 17.0
fuel_pump = 0, 5, 17.0
starter1 = 0, 20, 17.0
starter2 = 0, 20, 17.0
light_nav = 0, 5, 17.0
light_beacon = 0, 5, 17.0
light_landing = 0, 5, 17.0
light_taxi = 0, 5, 17.0
light_strobe = 0, 5, 17.0
light_panel = 0, 5, 17.0
standby_vacuum = 0, 5, 17.0
hydraulic_pump = 0, 2, 17.0
fuel_transfer_pump = 0, 5, 17.0
light_recognition = 0, 5, 17.0
light_wing = 0, 5, 17.0
light_logo = 0, 5, 17.0

vertical_speed_time_constant = 1000

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