Giving Simkit cockpit instruments for free

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For everyone who may be interested:
I built a small cockpit panel with Simkit instruments and other hardware.
I do not use it since a while because I have no time for it, so rather than trashing everything I would give it for free to to first one that will ask for it.
The main instruments are:
Attitude indicator
Heading indicator
VOR 1 indicator
Vertical speed indicator
Airspeed indicator

The pressure compensation of the altimeter does not work but everything else, including the main altimeter function, operates correctlyon my computer.
The six major instruments are connected to a Simkit CCU2 board.
The three small ones are driven by a phidget board to operate as twin engine instruments.
I will ship the assembly as is, as shown in the image. Please do not ask post shipping assistance, I will not be able to give it.
I will ship a CD with the drivers I used on my computers, but again I cannot give any support for their use.
The required updated drivers should be downloaded from the Simkit and Phidgets sites.
A registered FSUIPC sofware from Peter Dowson site is also required for a correct Simkit instruments operation.

I can ship within EEC. I can send an image of the assembly to your e-mail address (I was not able to insert an image in this message)



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Blademaster Guest

if you still have Simkit cockpit instruments i would love to have them. send me an email to
and if you could tell me what shipping to Utah would be i will pay the shipping


Mark Dean Guest

Do you still have the simkits? I would love to have them. You can E-mail me at



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