Cessna T303 Crusader

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I downloaded the above simulation that was created by John B Loney Jr. It is an excellent simulation of a very interesting aircraft and has a first rate panel. Unfortunately I am experiencing problems that at the moment defy solution.

On loading the aircraft I get the message
Sound-File ungueltig"

Two icons are on the panel, ATC which works find and GPS which is unhappy. Any attempt to resize results in "freezing up" with a repeat of the above message. "Unfreezing" can be cured by either clicking the "OK" button or using "Escape". Other functions on the panel are similarly affected.

John suggested a linke to "fca330-200rrv3_base_156524" which I downloaded and followed the "Installation instructions":

I put file "FSSound.dll" into FS9.cfg and added the lines "[OldModules]
fssound.dll=1" into FS9 "Modules" folder.

The "Soundlib-Fehler ..... " message still appears and the effect on panel operation remains. An additional message appears on loading FS9:
"FS has detected potentially incompatible aircraft or Software.
File: FSSound.dll
Do you want to load this software? Click No to disable this software".

Loading or not loading the file make no difference the problem remains unchanged.

Has anyone else met this one and knows the fix?


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Remove FSSound.dll and put it somewhere else for safekeeping, they cause more problems that they're worth.
Just click through the gauge warnings and see how the aircraft works.
It sounds as if it's not meant for FS9.


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Thanks for the reply and I'll do as you suggest.

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