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My first weird FSX glitch... say it isnt so!!!

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Well, 9 months so far, and I havent been happier with FSX... I decided to try out the new Su Jet that was uploaded to the military aircraft section and took a leisurely flight from Riverside, CA to Mexico... just about 50mi below the Mexico/California border, I notice in the distance, a BIG BIG BIG hole in the ground. The closer I got to it, the LARGER it became... and DEEEEEP! So, here is what it looked like...

This pic shows how the hole looked from 22,000 feet up. You can tell by the city below, that its no small crater!

To put the distance that I am away from the hole into perspective, here is the map view... as you can see, Im still at least 30mi away from it.

Here I am diving into the hole from 22,000ft high... boy, this sure feels like the abyss!

Well, here I am on the bottom of the hole. At first, I thought it may have been 10,000ft below sea level, but it turned out to be exactly, 32,758ft below sea level! The outside temp also reached 202*f. Death valley, eat your heart out!

Well, I can only conclude that this is an issue with Ultimate Terrain X, and Xgraphics. From what I can tell, this is supposed to be a real lake, as I can see it on an atlas, but its definitly not this deep! lol.

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lol wow, are you flying the su34?

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Shocked You found it!
I wondered where I left it.


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Where is this at? 50 miles of CA border in Mexico then where?

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I think I found the exact same thing, when flying from Jacksonville to LAX. I wanted to explore it, but I didn't want to mess up my schedule and be late Confused Laughing

Besides my 787 is not quite as nimble as your Flanker !!

I might fly the route again today and get some screenies of my own and change my aircraft to somthing more appropriate.

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an FSX easter egg?

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G0Nz0 wrote:

an FSX easter egg?

if it doesnt have to do with an addon yes. Yes
maybe someone should do a forum on fsx easter eggs? Think

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