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Hi all,

I have recorded a couple of my landings using the "Record A Flight" feature in FSX. However, when I go and try to watch the video, the spoilers don't deploy and neither does the reverse thrust; even though I used them in the initial recorded flight.

Is this some sort of common glitch with the recording device in FSX or something wrong with my PC specs?

*I use a 1/2 framerate interval when recording. I don't use FRAPS, as I do not post these videos anywhere; I just watch them in FSX.

Any help/explanation/advice would be greatly appreciated! 😀

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FSX doesn't record everything that goes on in a flight, especially with some complicated addon aircraft... It only records the basic stuff like throttle and stick movement. FSRecorder seems to do a better job, you can get it here:

Though I can't promise that it'll do everything that you want it to, I haven't spent much time recording flights in FS. Playing back flights with planes like the LDS 767 is a hopeless cause, you're better off with the default FSX aircraft.

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Thanks for the help! The error does seem to occur with addon aircraft... I'll give the defaults a try next time. 🍻

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