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bwood Trainee

Does anybody know were I can find a Dash 8 with a VC

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JLangevin First Officer

Im finding that most of the freeware and privatly consutructed aircraft files do not include a virtual cockpit... may be hard to find one.

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Jake (JarJarBinks) Chief Captain

any payware A/C most of the time have a V/C but it depends on the author of the file if theyve been doing it for a while..... thats not the point, point is not alot of freeware have V/C

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Karlw Captain

go to premier aircraft design they have a freeware dash-8 with a vc for fs9 it might be ready for fsx as they were working on the fsx version

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Jake (JarJarBinks) Chief Captain

post a link plz

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Karlw Captain

their not done with the fsx dash 8 though

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