Frame rates, AI and Quad cores

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I hope im posting this in the correct section. Anyway i have a PC that has no major issues running FSX. Its a Core 2 (2.2), 2GB, RAM and an 8800GTX (768mb) Vid card. I can run pretty much everything on fairly high however when i have AI on, or if i look towards an airport the frame rate drops to 12-15 Frames/sec. What im wondering is where the bottleneck is. Is it a CPU issue? Maybe upgrade to a quad core? I just downloaded Just Flights Traffic 2005 and no matter what, every time i look toward the planes there is a huge drop in frame rate.

Any clues? Anyone got an idea what i can do?

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I have been doing some research after i posted my last topic an here are a few links that people may be interested in: (from the microsoft developers network)
(interesting discssion on Quad core technology)

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