Best AI Traffic package???

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Which is the best AI traffic package, Ultimate Traffic or PAI???

I currently have PAI and many of thier packages installed but have been told thier frame rates are not too user friendly, so which is the best one to keep FS9 running well?

I have also been doing my own AI flightplans using military AI aircraft downloaded from around the bizares but some of these slow my frame rates down to about 6/10 fps 😞

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"UT" uses Pai aircraft but it also has other items that you can use.
I bought it (CD) because of the ease of loading and updating.

Read it over and decide.


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If you are looking for the best, I'd surely say the AIA and FSP AI Traffic. AIA Traffic

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OK - I had a look at FS2004/Aircraft directory last night and I have UT installed. I noticed I have a lot of 'Flight One AI XXXX' directories with the AI aircraft in them.

Now the $64,000,000 question.

How do I go about replacing the frame rate unfriendly AI planes with Frame rate friendly ones ❓



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i think im gonna stick with PAI, i just made a flight from EGVN (Brize Norton) to LCRA (Akrotiri, Cyprus) and as well as the PAI aircraft i passed I also saw plenty of my own traffic, such as VC10's Tristars and C17's and i kept my framerates at 30 FPS throughout so PAI gets my vote.

cheers for tips 😀

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