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MyTraffic X where are the planes??

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Chris Morris (morris91) Captain

Hi, i just bought mytraffic x and it installed alright and did its other install after that and it said it was succeffully installed then fsx did its scenery load because of new thing have been added but i have put my traffic to 100% but i have no traffic anywhere

can anyone help and tell me where are all the planes

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GoodisonBlue First Officer

I find they take about 10-15 minutes of game play to start appearing

Which is not good really

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abmukh80 First Officer

I regularly use Mytraffic X. Yes to build up the traffic within the airport it takes around 10 min time. However you should find many planes at the gates or parked. Make sure your AI traffic year is set to 2006 within Mytraffic X settings.

However I faced a similar problem and the support team of Aerosoft gave me a xml.dll file to be put into
C:\Documents and Settings\%Username%\Apllication Data\Microsoft\FSX

and everythin worked fine after that. Let me know your mail id incase u need it.


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abmukh80 First Officer

Also I see in the other topic uv installed SP1 recenty. The same thing problem with mytrafficX happened to me after installation of SP1!!!

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krichard Trainee

increase the sim rate

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