Can't Add Scenery Library

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Just got My Traffic X.
Installation was successful.
The last step before enjoying my traffic was to add the "MyTraffic" folder to the FSX Scenery Library. I clicked "Add Area" selected the "MyTraffic" folder, then clicked OK.
Instead of adding the directory, the window just opens the directory up for me to select a FILE, not a FOLDER.
In this case, I need to select the FOLDER, not a FILE.
I already tried manually configurating in the scenery.cfg but FSX simply ignores my changes! 😞

I'm running Windows 7 x64 Pro on a HP dv6-1101ax.
FS is FSX Deluxe SP2.[/img]

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I had a similar problem. The trick is to NOT click on 'ok' the second time. Click anywhere else on the white area underneath the file name. That should do it. I found that out from someone else on this forum. I;ve found out so many good things by simply 'chumming' through the different rooms.

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