HELP ... Can't repair, uninstall or re-install FSX

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G'day, hope someone can help me please?

My FSX has been working brilliantly ever since initial installation. I installed the update months ago and it has worked perfectly. Last week I got a couple of strange messages on opening the programme, about the programme not being correctly installed so I decided to do a repair installation. Since then everything has gone totally haywire.

The repair fails on each attempt and it is impossible to uninstall the remnants of the programme.
I receive varying messages:

"Error 1603: fatal error. Consult Msi.chm etc" ... what ever that is, I can't figure it out.

"Error 1706: No valid source could be found for product MS FSX. "
This despite the CD's being the original genuine MS discs.

"Error 1722: There is a problem with this Windows Installer package"

"Setup could not find a file on the specified path. Please check that the proper disc is inserted or specifiy a new path.
Unable to loctae file E:\MS Flight Simulatopr X.msi"

This is even stranger, because I can see this very file, right there on the original CD.

I've tried everything I can for days now and have to give up. I've even re-installed XP and SP2.

Can some one help?

I'm not that great with technical stuff, so please bare that in mind: keep it simple please.

many thanks


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A similar problem happened to me once while installation. Later I found out the problem happened coz of corrupted net frameworks 2.0 Try uninstalling and reinstalling net frameworks. Then try to reinstall the retail copy of FSX followed by SP1. Make sure you dont have any FS add-ons in the machine before installing SP1.

Keep us updated.


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Thank you for the tip. I tried it ... but it did not work

Still receiving the fatal error message and other messages about not finding files or paths.

Thanks again though

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