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I was really hoping someone could help me out here. I have the FSX Delux Edition with installed add-ons such as Acceleration and Just flight 737 - 800. About a week back I opened FSX after a month or two and realised the panels went blank. So now I want to uninstall it. But when I try, the wizard opens and half way through it disappears like it was never there. I have used Microsofts Uninstall tool but it too failed to succeed. I used the CD to uninstall but it too won't open due to an unknown error. I deleted the FSX folder from its default location after this and after all the effort when I open Control panel / Uninstall a Program, FSX was still there. Now just to inform you, I don't have the ability to factory reset the PC as there as some applications that can't be reinstalled on the PC. I really need a solution.


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Captain_Midway Guest

Thanks, mate will try. I really need to uninstall it as the PC I am currently using is very slow and laggy for the game to function properly.

Captain_Midway Guest

Thanks tried it and it worked.

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Glad to hear that.
Good luck with the new reinstall.


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I was having the same problem. I finally got it to uninstall, but then i could not get it to reinstall. I went to the
support link suggested by Radar Man. I actually got to talk to a live person. I told him the problem I was having
and he was very helpful. He took control of my computer, and spent three hours reloading FSX from my disks,
and he fixed the activation feature. If it had not been for this forum sharing ideas I probably still would not have
it running. Thanks Guys!


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The RevoUninstaller Radarman mentioned is very good. It can remove things that are stubborn and difficult by bypassing the manufacturers install/uninstall software. It also removes registry entries and keys for a proper uninstall.

Glad to hear you fixed your problem too Edmeister. It's great to hear that the forums are helping people - that's what they are for!

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