Airports with arresting cables

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are there any airports in fsx that include arresting wires on the runways?

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Chris Morris (morris91) Captain

To be honest i have never heard of a land based airport with arresting cables on the runway.

I will do a lil research on that because if i do find any fink in fsx, fs9 or even real world i would love to see them.

I doute it very much though!!!

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many airports that double as military bases have them

Ethan Jones Guest

I have recently seen a video on youtube and a RAAF F-111 belly landed at Amberley RAAF base in Queensland. Its landing gear didn't come down so it had to belly land on the runway and it had a tail hook down. The hook then caught an arrestor cable and the F-111 came to a hault.

I hope this helped you guys.

The link to the video is here.,d.dGI

Just copy that text into your search bar.

Ethan Jones Guest

Sorry. When it said just copy and paste this into your search bar in my last comment. IGNORE IT! okay.

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