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Hi all, I have been away for a while after my motherboard started burning up capacitors (6) and messed up my HD. Rebuild my rig and loaded FSX for the first time.

Lost all my down loads and will have to restart by checking the few backups I have. But I lost one file (or misplaced it) and would like to ask for your help in duplicating it.

The file was a list of unique airports, some with fun approaches like one between two mountains in northern Washington State; a sand airport near the mouth of the Columbia River in WA. (that one should not be too hard to find I will start looking for it).

Another two are airports at the bottom of meteor craters, one is in South America, the other is …. ? I have looked for these but I have not had any luck.

There were great airports in the Bahamas. One with the strip tucked in between two beaches and then water on either side.
Any other airports would be appreciated.

Thank you all,

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Try this site

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Thank you for the link, it helped me find MXA9. I then typed airport MXA9 Zacapu into, as Google was not helping me out, and found the old posts at Which I will check out in the next few days to see how they changed in FSX.

MXA9 is not in a hole like it was in FX9... but I believe it is in RL.

Also, I looked for Angle Falls in Venezuela but could not find it. The area looks nothing like the pictures I have seen of the place but I will look again in case I was off course.

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