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Fine tuning Windows XP for FS2004

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I've read that people start up their windows XP with as few services and programs as possible to make FS2004 work more efficiently. Can somebody tell me how to do this in practice?



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I just hit CTL+ALT+Delete and stop all programs I'm not going to be using. A good general rule, if you don't know what it is... don't stop it's process 😉 Other than that, end program away! Usually when I get done cleaning I have: The clock, The sound controller and Windows itself running. Then I add what I want, i.e., Flight Deck III, FS Nav, Screenshots, AIBridge, etc.
Also, it's a good idea to shut down any firewalls or virus protection you've got running. In theory, a firewall won't hurt your FS experience but I've found I do get better frame rates with it shut down completely.


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RadarMan wrote:

Try this program, it should do what you want.


I know what I'll be downloading when I get home...

Thanks for the link RadarMan!!

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Try EndItAll - it's excellent.

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Great guys. Thanks!

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