Skysim MD11 FDE's

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Hello fellow pilots,

Does anyone here have decent FDE's for the Skysim MD-11?

Although the panel doesn't look that great, the FMC is a laugh and the FDE's are absolutely crap, I do want an MD-11.

The plus being it has a good range, an enormous amount of thrust, has a lot of eye candy, can carry loads, without really being a huge plane like the 747, and it does have a lot of modelled functions, buttons, switches etc.

All other MD11's I've tried so far really didn't quite do it for me (not enough detail in the cockpit).

So if anyone had this plane, which handles well, I'd be very greatful if you would share your model / .air files with me.

Or, if there's someone which has some knowledge about editing wing and flap lift, flap and fuselage drag and those kind of variables....i'd appreciate that too.

*PS when's the PMDG MD11 finally coming out? 🙂

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