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I promise they're worth it... Only have their 747 here and it is absolutely as true to life as it's possible to get in a simulator.

If you have doubts, there are ways you can try it out before you buy it... *cough*torrents*cough*

(Not advocating illegal downloads here... If ya like it then pay for it!!)

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How about Level-D 767??...How does it compare to PMDG?

It coast about half the price of PMDG.....considering the value of the US dollar, I'm going with Level-D.

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I doubt you've ever heard any complaints about the LDS 767.

falconxxx you'll find that many simmers prefer the LDS 767 over any of the PMDG products. We're talking fs9 era of course. How things have been progressing in regards to FSX I couldn't tell you.

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