Heathrow Virtual Airport Coming Soon!!

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Just to let you know someone has built a Virtual Airport and it is the biggest on the Web. 😎 😎
A good freind and myself are in the process of building http://www.heathrowvirtualairport.com
This is going to be the biggest of it's kind and we invite everyone to come and see us on launch day, 16th Feb at 1900 hours GMT.

The website is under construction but a taste can be found at the link above.
We are flying EVERY AIRLINE that is flown at Heathrow today. 😳 We are short of some textures but we have Ariane Software working with us and various other companies.

We are going to attempt to recreate Heathrow's Daily flights but in a Virtual World. 😳 😳
This is a massive undertaking as you can imagine but we are going for it and we will give it our best shot.
If it fails, then you still have the biggest Virtual Airport in the world with a massive community of people and the most professional place for you to fly. 😎 😎

Please come and see what it is like to fly like a real pilot at a real airport, because that's how real this is going to be. 😎
We already have members waiting to start.

Look forward to seeing you there on the 16th Feb 1900 hours GMT..


HVA Director.

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Go for it! ...that ought to be awesome!!!

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Hey guys and girls!

Just to let you know that we are now running 2 game servers. One if for the main flights and the other is Flight School.

We use Teamspeak and FSHost and everyone is welcome.

Please visit our website for the full info and Teamspeak details.

We look forward to seeing you there.



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cant wait nice site!

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xXx-DeathKid-xXx Trainee

It sounds good, but this kind of stuff is already simulated really well by VATSIM and the Heathrow RTS. Controllers are trained specially for the Heathrow controller positions so everything is properly managed.

This kind of undertaking is huge and could potentially go wrong without the kind of management system VATSIM uses...

Just my 2 cents. Wink

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