Heathrow (EGLL) constant crash

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Hi all

It's been a long time since I last posted anything - many months of happy flying!!

I have found however a constant annoyance. Everytime without fail I come into land at London Heathrow, FS2004 always crashes, coming up with a notice saying something about running out of available memory.

I did have UK2000 Heathrow Pro but recently replaced it with Simwings updated Heathrow, but the same thing still happens. I also have UK2000 Gatwick Pro, London City, Luton and Stanstead. The same problem does occasionally happen also happen with Gatwick.

Traffic is set at 90% with no GA. I use Ground Environment Professional with ASv6.5 Weather. I have no scenery upgrade of London, just regular FS Global - Special Edition. I have most major airport upgrades from all different companies such as Aerosoft, Simwings, FSDT, Dream Factory, Imagine Simulation etc etc, and do not have any similar problems landing at any other airport around the world other than at Heathrow.

I doubled my memory from 4GB to 8GB earlier this year hoping this would solve this problem but it hasn't. All other PC specs are more than capable - as mentioned I have perfect landings at all other airports in any weather condition.

My display settings are set at reasonable standards (not at maximum) which give me good all round smooth flying with excellent graphics. It is only flying over London towards Heathrow where I start to get stuttering and then the error message.

Has anyone ever experienced a similar problem? Could it be just simply there are too many airports too close to each other?

If you need my computer specs and FS9 settings then please let me know of you believe it will help.


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How much Space do you have left?

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About 69%

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1 mistake I made in my original e-mail.

I have 4GB memory (2 x 2GB), not 8GB (wishful thinking!). This I feel should still be enough though?

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You've got plenty of RAM. I was trying to solve a landclass problem yesterday and stumbled on this thread in the AS forum:


In a nutshell: Some members of the community experience memory leakage and blame it on Aerosoft's practice of placing landclass files into scenery folders which have texture folders alongside them.

It's worthwhile reading the whole thread - we're all learning.
I too have quite a bit of AS scenery and though they can be a bit heavy on the frames if I'm trying to go overboard with my settings, I do not, and cannot remember having suffered memory leakage caused by AS sceneries.

Now that was helpful, wasn't it... but there might be a clue here somewhere.

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Many thanks for this, it has been quite useful.

I ran the suggested process whilst running a flight from Dubai to Heathrow. It reported many errors of files it could not find, but the majority of these can be ignored (although still worrying why such files are missing!!).

Anyway, there were 2 major errors which kept appearing. The first was an effects file which I managed to locate elsewhere, download and re-insert, so problem solved. The other error appeared to be with a third party add-on I have from FS Quality called "All Roads of Europe". It kept reporting that it could not find the majority of the bmp files. I therefore removed this programme and hence FS9 did seem to run better with a lot less stuttering over heavily populated areas such as London.

Whilst this is an excellent add-on and I very much hope to re-install, I will however continue to run a few more flights without it just to see the results.

It would be interesting to know if anyone else has had similar problems with memory drainage due to this add-on?

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This used to happen to me. I couldn't solve the problem until I formatted my computer and erased fs2004. I re-installed fs2004 again and re-installed all the planes I had and that error hasn't appeared since.

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Well after several tests it hasn't solved the problem. Completing short flights (say 1 - 1.5 hours) does not cause a problem. However, I tried a flight from Ben Gurion Tel Aviv to London Heathrow (approx. 5 hours) and although the fps was better and I landed without bad stuttering, FS9 crashed once I started to taxi to stand.

I think the only option is to say that whenever I have long flights arriving at Heathrow, it will be best to save the flight 30 minutes before landing, exit FS9, defragment the hard drive, restart and then load up FS9 again so that I can continue to land without any problems.

Oh how I long for the worlds most powerful computer!!!

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